Anouska Assisi

Anouska Assisi

Acoustic pop singer songwriter Anouska Assisi encapsulates a broad range of musical genres into a unique sound. Anouska Assisi’s songs have catchy hooks along with thoughtful and considered lyrics, making music something people can really relate to. Taking inspirations from pop Idols Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall, Anouska Assisi uses a loop station to build original music live, in front of audiences all around the UK; transforming songs from a single strum on the guitar to a full blown production in minutes using just her voice, guitar and pedals.

Anouska's full Stabal Session is now available on Stabal TV.

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Anouska Assisi
  • Anouska Assisi | Asmptomatic

    'Asmptomatic' is a song born from a personal experience. It unfolds the story of a date with a genuinely kind guy, where, despite his warmth, the absence of deeper emotions is explored. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of navigating the complexities of connection, offering a raw and honest perspe...

  • Anouska Assisi | Easier Said Than Done

    'Easier Said than Done' is a song that unveils the hurdles of moving from friendship to something more. It sheds light on the intricacies of navigating beyond the friend zone, emphasizing the real-life challenges of transforming a connection into something deeper.

  • Anouska Assisi | Naked Truth

    'Naked Truth' explores the musical essence of authenticity, which creates the liberating experience of being vulnerable and unapologetically yourself with the one you love. The melody creates a soft and intricate pattern, reflecting the gentle details of real connection. With every note, feel the...

  • Anouska Assisi | High

    'High' is a song crafted to express the incredible sensation of love. It delves into the deep joy that love brings, making you feel like you're on top of the world. In essence, it reflects the belief that love is the fundamental key to genuine and lasting happiness.