Fabrizio Toccaceli

Fabrizio Toccaceli

Fabrizio Toccaceli is a singer/songwriter from Rome, Italy. His music conveys a straightforward and honest lyrical message, complemented by a dynamic musical composition. Since relocating to the UK, he has notably enhanced his guitar skills and collaborated with various original artists, including Hatty Keane which was featured at Weyfest, Lisa Canny which was featured in a TedX Talk, Niall McNamee which was part of the Irish Tour 2022, Paul James, Gertrud, Saara Kaldma, and Filip Clements.

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Fabrizio Toccaceli
  • Fabrizio Toccaceli | A Little Less Conversation

    Fabrizio sings his cover of 'A Little Less Conversation' by Elvis Presley Live in his Stabal Session

  • Fabrizio Toccaceli | Message In A Bottle

    Fabrizio sings the cover of 'Message In A Bottle' by The Police in Live Stabal Session

  • Fabrizio Toccaceli | What Have I Become

    The lyrics of 'What Have I Become' depict the changes and evolution in my life since I graduated from high school in recent years. At the core of the song is a strong desire for the comfort of home and family.

  • Fabrizio Toccaceli | Care About You

    'Care About You' explores unrequited love, where the main character passionately seeks a lifelong connection with someone who doesn't feel the same way romantically. Despite knowing the emotional imbalance, the central figure continues to express care, consistently affirming, "I care about you." ...