Lucy May Walker

Lucy May Walker

Lucy May Walker, a London-based Singer/Songwriter originally from Worcestershire, has made her mark in the contemporary music scene. Discovered while busking by Jeremy Vine in 2018, she performed on both his BBC Radio 2 show and Channel 5 TV talk show. In 2022, her single 'The Hardest Goodbye' from her debut album 'Nothing Ever Stays The Same' reached No. 1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. Lucy has also shared the stage with Texas, Wet Wet Wet, Tony Hadley, and Nerina Pallot, while consistently selling out her own headline shows, and most recently, Lucy performed in Gwangju, South Korea as part of the Buskers World Cup where she placed in the Top 32 buskers in the world. Her music combines evocative storytelling with melodic brilliance, making her a rising star in the Singer/Songwriter genre.

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Lucy May Walker
  • Lucy May Walker | The Hardest Goodbye

    "The Hardest Goodbye" is a poignant song crafted as a commissioned piece, inspired by the heartfelt journey of a couple grappling with the profound sorrow of baby loss. With the sobering reality that 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in this devastating experience, this song was artfully composed to provi...

  • Lucy May Walker | Are You Free

    'Are You Free' exposes the truth of a lopsided friendship, where you're the driving force. It delves into the uncertainty, questioning if the bond is reciprocated. The song echoes the pondering: If you stepped back, would they fade away? A straightforward exploration of one-sided efforts in frien...

  • Lucy May Walker | Full Of It

    'Full Of It' uncovers the tale of deceit, centring on men who spin webs of lies to fulfil their desires, only to vanish without a trace. The song dives into the raw reality of deception and abandonment, delivering a straightforward narrative wrapped in a compelling melody.

  • Lucy May Walker | People Like You

    'People Like You' boldly addresses the persistent misogyny in the music industry, shedding light on the ongoing struggles faced by women in 2023. The song stands as a defiant 'F you' to those who perpetuate prejudice based on gender, a powerful anthem against the mistreatment of individuals simpl...