Mahalia Fontaine

Mahalia Fontaine

Hailing from West London, Mahalia's music is an extension of her bold personality drawing influences from Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Mahalia Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald.

While completing a degree in Popular Music Performance at BIMM in London, Mahalia joined The Kingdom Choir, and sang at the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She has now toured the US and UK with the choir now signed to Sony Global.

A pivotal moment of Mahalia’s life came after her father died in 2015. “Losing my dad reshaped my world” From the depth of these experiences, this free spirit inspires a new generation of music lovers with liberation, faith, and passion.

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Mahalia Fontaine
  • Mahalia | Death Of Me

    'Death of Me' delves into the depths of an emotionally abusive relationship, a harrowing journey. This blues track, enriched with organ and melancholic harmonies, offers a glimpse into a world of pain while ultimately conveying a message of overcoming adversity. Produced by Nathan Barnieh, Mahali...

  • Mahalia | Empires

    'Empires', Mahalia Fontaine's debut single in 2020, is a captivating blend of neo-soul, Latin rhythms, and Afrobeat influences. This activist anthem, produced by Manny Talvez, speaks to the realities of our world, taking listeners on a rhythmic journey.

  • Mahalia | Let you go

    'Let You Go' draws inspiration from heartache and the eventual euphoria of moving on. This jazz-infused track is featured on Mahalia's EP "Affairs of Her Heart," produced by Peter Daley.

  • Mahalia | Mwen Dezespewe

    'Mwen Dezespewe' is a touching tribute to Mahalia's father, who passed away eight years ago. The song beautifully combines Jazz, Afro-Caribbean, Afrobeat, and Neo-Soul elements, with a nod to her Dominican Kweyol heritage, all skillfully produced by Manny Talvez.