Natalie Shay

Natalie Shay

Natalie Shay, a North London-based indie pop artist, has gained widespread recognition for her dynamic live performances and impactful anthems. As a multi-award-winning musician, she has built a devoted fanbase and received acclaim from reputable sources such as Billboard, CLASH, and The Line of Best Fit. With relatable lyrics touching on themes of love and self-discovery, Shay's music resonates with twenty-somethings and beyond. Her global appeal is evident through millions of streams, featured placements on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist in 12 countries, and collaborations in the EDM genre with artists like Grum and Kryder, accumulating over 9 million streams. In 2018, she served on the jury for the UK Eurovision competition. Natalie Shay continues to make a significant impact and solidify her position as a formidable talent in the music industry.

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Natalie Shay
  • Natlie Shay | The Edge

    'The Edge' delves into the poignant unraveling and explosive end of her close friendship. The music candidly reflects the complex emotions and challenges surrounding the painful breakdown of this once-cherished connection.

  • Natalie Shay | Like You Boy

    'Like You Boy' explores a brief romance I had with an older man, which she ended prematurely, taking the blame for the decision. However, upon reflection, it became evident that it was more of a fleeting infatuation on my part, leading to a realisation that the relationship may not have been as m...

  • Natalie Shay | Good Girl Behaviour

    The track talks about people trying to buy influence. It's about taking charge, using that power smartly, and outplaying those who think they can buy their way in. The lyrics encourage listeners to be assertive, navigate the situation strategically, and come out ahead in this power struggle.

  • Natalie Shay | Figure Of 8

    'Figure Of 8' captures the relentless cycle of being ensnared in a toxic yet irresistible relationship. It portrays the struggle of repeatedly attempting to break free, only to be consistently drawn back in by the other person. The lyrics underscore the moment of realisation that it's imperative ...

  • Natalie Shay | Perfume | M.C Sessions

    Natalie Shay performs 'Perfume' for Music Crowns at Folklore, London. Music Crowns is a London-based online music magazine and a global artist discovery platform. M.C Sessions sees some of the hottest artists from around the world showcasing what they do best in a totally live environment across ...