Alannah Prins, known as PRINS, is making waves in the music world with her unique electro-pop style. Her debut EP, "LIFE IS BETTER NOW," in 2022 gained recognition for its distinctive blend of genres. Her tracks climbed the charts in New Zealand and received significant radio play in New Zealand, the UK, and Germany. PRINS's captivating sound has garnered attention from key industry players, including AntiFragile Music, LA-based House of Wolf, Grammy-nominated Chris Gehringer, and Grammy winner Tom Norris.

In 2023, PRINS embarked on an international tour, leaving an indelible mark with standout performances. Her collaboration with KPOP icon GIRIBOY highlighted her versatility across music genres. As she heads into 2024, her unique electro-pop style and growing reputation promise an exciting musical journey for her fans.

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  • PRINS | Goodbye To The Old Me

    "Goodbye To The Old Me" represents shedding an older version of yourself and embracing the desired transformation. This song originates from personal introspection and the cathartic nature of the creative process. Through it, the artist tackles and conquers the challenges that had previously bur...

  • PRINS | Love Of My Life

    "Love Of My Life" is a poignant melody that delves deep into the intricacies of relationships, emphasising the challenge of opening up and showing vulnerability. The song serves as a touching reminder that while past wounds and traumas can make it tough to trust and connect with others, it's vita...

  • PRINS | Something New

    "Something New" delves deep into the emotions of outgrowing the place you once called home, a longing for more in a world where others may not understand your dreams. It's a lyrical journey into the psychological impacts of these desires and the struggle to navigate the 'tall poppy syndrome' as a...