Stabal Films

  • Tony Campolo - Divine Dissatisfaction

    “Don't be satisfied with just pumping blood.” - Tony Campolo. "Divine Dissatisfaction" is a short-form, legacy documentary capturing the beautiful humanity and distilled wisdom of 82 year old sociologist, pastor, author and former spiritual advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton. Tony has never b...

  • The Magnetic North - Where Are You? Episode 2

    This debut series of short films explore the feeling of “lostness” that we all encounter. Through poetic teaching, modern parables and ancient spiritual truths; each episode leads us closer to the experience of belonging and the wholeness that we seek.

  • The Lynchburg Revival with Shane Claiborne


    "Every time we use religion to draw a line that keeps people out, Jesus is with the people on the other side of that line." - Rev. Hugh L. Hollowell as quoted by Carlos Rodriguez, a speaker at the Lynchburg Revival."The Lynchburg Revival" documents the rise of toxic nationalism in our faith insti...

  • Freedom Reign Documentary

    Hear the story behind Cat Rea's debut single Freedom Reigns and learn how the music video was conceptualised and brought to life.

  • The Magnetic North

    1 season

    The Magnetic North is an immersive, short film experience exploring the questions of our existence for the spiritually curious.

  • Peterson: In Between The Man And The Message


    “Everyday I put hope on the line.”- Eugene Peterson. A glimpse into Author Eugene Peterson's life. The short documentary film, “Peterson: In Between The Man And The Message” endeavours to visually capture the essence of a life well lived. Going beyond Eugene Peterson’s literary and life accompli...

  • Redemption: The John M. Perkins Story


    “True justice is wrapped up in love.” - Dr. John Perkins. Eighty-seven year old, John was born into Mississippi poverty, the son of a sharecropper and into a family of bootleggers and gamblers. He fled to California when he was 17 after his older brother was murdered, having been shot twice by a ...