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  • Monique Thomas

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    Monique Thomas is a writer and soul singer from Birmingham. She joins Stabal to perform her 3 original songs 'Table', 'Grace' and 'Full Circle' and beautiful cover of Bob Marley's 'Is This Love'.

  • Mark Caplice | Wheels

    Mark Caplice performs a cover of Billy Vaughn's 'Wheels' in his live Stabal session.

  • Darla Jade | Don't Start Now

    Darla Jade performs her cover of 'Don't Start Now' by Dua Lipa in her live Stabal session

  • ERIKA | Maybe

    ERIKA performs her song 'Maybe' live in her Stabal session.

  • Althea Grace | Fall In Love With Strangers

    Althea Grace performs her song 'Fall In Love With Strangers in her live Stabal Session.

  • Wilderthorn | In Gold

    'In Gold' is a song that was first inspired in Chennai, India where Wilderthorn's journey led him to document the performances of local Carnatic musicians. The introductory notes were influenced by the rhythmic resonance of santur strings, an instrument prominently featured in the recording. This...

  • Sam Olyott | That's What Brothers

    Sam Olyott performing 'That's What Brothers' in his Stabal Session.

  • PRINS | Goodbye To The Old Me

    "Goodbye To The Old Me" represents shedding an older version of yourself and embracing the desired transformation. This song originates from personal introspection and the cathartic nature of the creative process. Through it, the artist tackles and conquers the challenges that had previously bur...

  • Sebastian Schub | Paradise

    Sebastian Schub performing 'Paradise' in his Stabal Session.

  • Gui Rezende | You're My 12 Bar Blues

    A "love letter" to that initial impression you experience when connecting spontaneously with someone, even while being aware that the "mystique" of that moment includes some of the projections we create. As Gui composed this song and delved deeper into its essence, he came to realise that he was ...

  • Gertrud | All I Want Is You

    'All I Want Is You' delves into the experience of realising your attraction to someone for the first time, accompanied by the anticipation and the question of whether the sentiment is reciprocated. It ultimately expresses the yearning to transform these thoughts into a tangible reality.

  • Jonathan Ogden | Slow Down

    Jonathan Ogden performing "Slow Down" live on Stabal TV

  • MOM + THE REBELS | Swayzee

    MOM + THE REBELS performing 'Swayzee' in their Stabal Session.

  • Callum Spencer | When You Want It

    Callum Spencer performing "When You Want It" live on Stabal TV

  • Nuala | Power

    Nuala performing 'Power' in her Stabal Session.

    Nuala, a singer-songwriter from Leicestershire, uses powerful and dynamic vocals, masterful lyrics and catchy melodies to create music unbound by genre. Influenced by a variety of artists including Bob Marley, Lily Allen, Eminem and Nirvana, Nuala ...

  • Praise Lubangu | Citadels

    Featuring on Praise's debut album 'In Times Like These', the soulful cut 'Citadels' speaks about embracing faith. In Praise's words: "it’s a song about finally opening up to God, after feeling for so long that I had to sort myself out first, but my faith is that God has a heart for brokenness”.

  • Mahalia | Empires

    'Empires', Mahalia Fontaine's debut single in 2020, is a captivating blend of neo-soul, Latin rhythms, and Afrobeat influences. This activist anthem, produced by Manny Talvez, speaks to the realities of our world, taking listeners on a rhythmic journey.

  • Belle Chen | Full Session

    Belle Chen performing Moon Spotting 5, Bamboo Grove, Shui (Water) - After The Night Sky and The Platter.

  • James Paton | Starry Eyes

    James Paton performing 'Starry Eyed' in his Stabal Session.

  • Lisa Canny | Versions of Us

    Lisa Canny performing 'Versions of Us' in her Stabal Session.

  • Waves Rush In | The Man That I Am

    Sam Branson performs 'The Man That I Am' in his Stabal Session.

  • Billy Lockett | Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

    Billy Lockett performing 'Don't Be So Hard On Yourself' in his Stabal Session.

  • Dani Sylvia | Feathers

    Dani Sylvia performing 'Feathers' in her Stabal Session.

  • Sharlene-Monique | Of Love

    Sharlene-Monique performing 'Of Love' in her Stabal Session.