Wilderthorn also known as Jon Bilbrough is a musician known for Secret Gigs in disused and abandoned spaces, turning forgotten places of history and atmosphere into wild and magical ‘Wilderthorn-experiences. His versatility strikes in genres such as electronic, indie, folk, and rock. His performances create a captivating blend of song and improvisation, propelled by his distinctive and potent voice infused with dark operatic tones and 'sufi-style' flourishes. His collaborative spirit is evident through partnerships with acclaimed artists, including composer Nitin Sawhney, The London Bulgarian Choir, and the visionary conceptual-electronic producer Max Cooper. These collaborations showcase the versatility of Wilderthorn’s artistry, bridging diverse musical realms.

His musical journey commenced when embarking in Asia where he toured and performed in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, and India. Venturing onto stages graced by legends such as Ravi Shankar, he absorbed the rich cultural tapestry of his surroundings. The influence of these travels led him back to Chennai, India, where he collaborated with local Carnatic/Bollywood musicians, such as award-winning composer A.R. Rahman.

Throughout his travels, Bilbrough shared stages with illustrious musicians like St Vincent, Ben Howard, Foy Vance, and This Is The Kit, further solidifying his presence in the musical landscape.

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  • Wilderthorn | In Gold

    'In Gold' is a song that was first inspired in Chennai, India where Wilderthorn's journey led him to document the performances of local Carnatic musicians. The introductory notes were influenced by the rhythmic resonance of santur strings, an instrument prominently featured in the recording. This...

  • Wilderthorn | On Thursday

    'On Thursday' is a song established from a routine of setting up microphones and recording spontaneous 'single-take' moments, unplanned and unprepared. The song emerged from one such moment on a Thursday, the title reflecting its origin. Initially a one-minute Instagram snippet, it expanded into ...

  • Wilderthorn | Estranger

    'Estranger' explores the dichotomy of distance and closeness, prompting a fresh look at the beauty and oddity of what's been left behind. The poignant lyrics materialized for the first time during a live performance in Germany, away from the familiar surroundings of home.

  • Wilderthorn | Forest Song

    'Forest Song' was a piece originated from a spontaneous improvisation, composed, recorded, and filmed entirely in the nighttime forest as part of The Nest Collective's Singing With Nightingales Homecoming project. It has since evolved into a recurring segment in Wilderthorn's contemplative 'IMMER...