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Rock / Indie
  • Xander & The Peace Pirates

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    With haunting riffs, genius melodies and a uniquely infectious charisma, Xander and the Peace Pirates share their musical passion, while spreading a universal message of peace, love and harmony.

  • Razorlight

    1 season

    The news fans were waiting for: after a 10-year hiatus, the original Razorlight line-up reunited. Johnny Borrell, Andy Burrows, Björn Ågren, and Carl Dalemo are back performing, and it starts here on stabal.

    Razorlight formed in 2002 and were at the forefront of the London guitar band scene tha...

  • Therapy?
    1 season


    1 season

    Northern Irish rock band Therapy? have lived through ‘the troubles’, a peace process, fifteen albums, seven record labels, three drummers, a cellist and witnessed the widespread use of the mobile phone, a personal computer in every home, the internet, the introduction of WiFi, a single European c...

  • Freddie Long

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    Freddie Long, a singer from Brighton, had never studied music at school but always had a passion for it. His friends convinced him to start uploading covers online and after getting a good response online from people across the world it gave him the confidence to start taking it more seriously.


  • The Wildhearts

    1 season

    The Wildhearts are the English rock band that formed in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1989, kicking off a 30 year rampage of hard rock and melodic pop music, often being described in the music press as combining influences as diverse as the Beatles and 1980s-era Metallica.

    Warning: contains strong lang...

  • Terrorvision

    1 season

    Originally forming as as The Spoilt Bratz, English rock band Terrorvision formed in 1987, disbanded in 2001 and made a big comeback in 2007. With songs like ‘Alice What’s the Matter’ and ‘Tequila’, the band have trailed the globe sharing their high energy, high volume catalogue.

    Warning: this co...

  • Verra Cruz

    1 season

    Verra Cruz, are a 3 piece English rock band trio originally from St Albans, England. They formed in 2003, and have since released seven projects and continue to rock out across the globe. This show film was shot in West Sussex at The Old Chapel Studio.

  • Flight Brigade

    1 season

    Indie band Flight Brigade have been likened to Arcade Fire and Fleetwood Mac. They are as much a family as a band and their songs tell the stories, to which each member is essential. In 2016 they released their debut album, 'Our Friends Our Enemies.' The album's title track was inspired by a stor...

  • Sam Tinnesz

    1 season

    Sam Tinnesz is the Nashville-based, alternative artist, whose music has featured in Love Island, Charmed, Batwoman, The Hills: New Beginnings, So You Think You Can Dance, Spider-man: Homecoming, The Walking Dead, and The Hunger Games.

  • Turin Brakes

    1 season

    A pin in the timeline of British indie music Turin Brakes, purity derives from the composition of childhood friends Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian, along with long-term collaborators Rob Allum and Eddie Myer. Since their UK top 5 hit in 2003, ‘Painkiller’ they have sold over a million records ...

  • Your Neighbors

    1 season

    From Dad Rock to Hip-Hop, Your Neighbors hope to find a foothold in the music world by throwing anything and everything at the wall hoping something sticks, regularly releasing new music inspired by artists who he sees as “miles ahead creatively”. Join Walker and friends for a journey through the...