• The Band Two - Live at Stabal Nashville

    In 2013, Jordan and Tyler shifted their attention from acting to music. The Band Two (formerly George Twins) have been described as "pop sprinkled with soul - a fusion of John Mayer and John Legend, with a 60's influence showing up in songs like 'Old School Love' and 'Heart Off You’.” Hear their ...

  • Chaplain - Live at Stabal Nashville

    Nashville-based Alt Rock Band, Chaplain was formed in the late hours of the night where colorful ideas, deep friendships, meaningful stories, and neon dreams form a sonic landscape of true heart and soul. In a time where society has become more automated, less connected, and overtly divided, they...

  • Jessie Clement - Live at Stabal Nashville

    “Music has always been my diary” - Jessie Clement.

    As infectious as it is heartfelt, Jessie Clement’s music blends singer-songwriter intimacy with vintage R&B grooves and loose jazz swagger, tied together with crystalline vocals. Her songs chronicle the joy, wonder and heartbreak of her journey ...

  • Phil Madeira - Live at Stabal Nashville

    Born and raised in Barrington, Rhode Island, Phil Madeira is the songwriter, producer and musician behind some of your favorite songs.

    With his work recorded by the likes of The Civil Wars, Alison Krauss and Toby Keith, and having co-written with Emmylou Harris, Shawn Mullins and more, Madeira’...

  • Copperlily - Live at Stabal Nashville

    Copperlily are a wife and husband duo from Nashville, TN. Tim (House of Heroes) and Stephanie Skipper (ne. Smith) met while both signed to Gotee Records. Sparks flew, emotions ran high and so it began. Watch their full Stabal Session, recorded in July 2020 at Dark Horse Studio, Nashville.

  • Tigirlily - Live at Stabal Nashville

    North Dakota siblings, Kendra and Krista have been zinging since they were talking. Their voices blend naturally, crafting a remarkable sound, appealing to pop, rock and country audiences. This has lead them to open for the likes of LeAnn Rimes, Big & Rich, Justin Moore, and many more. And now, y...

  • The Dryes - Live at Stabal Nashville

    This husband and wife duo are beaming with country charm, and the honesty, heart and charisma you only find in Nashville. Join them for a songwriting Masterclass, Stabal Illusions, Stabal Kitchen and of course, their performance at the legendary Dark Horse Studio, Tennessee.

  • Kings Kaleidoscope in London


    Follow Kings Kaleidoscope in London at their live show at O2 Academy. Hear the story behind Kings Kaleidoscope and hear Chad's thoughts on the music industry in the US and UK.

  • Leeland - Live at Burgess Barn

    Christian rock, Leeland hail from Baytown, Texas. Formed in 2004, singer Leeland Mooring had been writing songs before teaming up with Jeremiah Wood (guitar), who left the band in late 2006 and was replaced by guitarist Matt Campbell in late spring of 2007, Jack Mooring (piano), Mike Smith (drums...

  • Matt Mason
    1 season

    Matt Mason

    1 season

    American singer/songwriter, Matt Mason, writes from his experiences of a life that few live to tell about. Enjoy his full live show, plus bonus content of his Stabal Talk, Stabal Kitchen and Brock Gill hosting Stabal Illusions.