• Fleurie - Live at Stabal Nashville

    Fleurie’s dreamlike ethereal vocals and intimate lyrics create music that is otherworldly yet rooted in pure emotion.

    Experience the full concert, filmed in Nashville (July 2020).

  • Lion & Bear - Live at Stabal Nashville

    Lion & Bear is a music duo from Southern California made of up of brother-in-laws Andrew Enos and Michael Landingham. Watch their full Stabal Session, recorded live in Nashville (2020).

  • Guvna B - Live at Burgess Barn

    With 2 MOBO Awards, 3 UMAs and eight projects spanning thirteen years, Guvna B is a seasoned veteran who’s found a new direction with his sound.

    Watch full set from his Live Show performance at Stabal's London studio (July 2020).

  • R.O.E. - Live at Stabal Nashville

    With his hometown of Chicago on his back and the sounds of soul in his roots, Brooklyn-based emcee R.O.E. blends an urban vibe with poetic lyricism and music that hits straight to the heart that will attract anyone with an affection for alternative hip hop. Since his early days, R.O.E.’s message ...

  • Your Neighbors - Live at Stabal Nashville

    From Dad Rock to Hip-Hop, Your Neighbors hope to find a foothold in the music world by throwing anything and everything at the wall hoping something sticks, regularly releasing new music inspired by artists who he sees as “miles ahead creatively”. Join Walker and friends for a journey through gen...

  • Land of Color - Live at Stabal Nashville

    These two unexpected friends met in the mountains of Montana, and have since been writing songs ever since. Land of Color is a mix of South Africa and North America, with a vibrant mix of African rhythms, catchy melodies and tight harmonies, a new sound to present their stories. Experience this f...